Google Chrome Is Finally Saying Good Bye To Old CPUs By Ending Support

According to a policy document, with the introduction of Chrome 89, the development team are now in plans of stopping support for all the x86 CPUs that don’t possess the SSE3 (Supplemental Streaming SIMD Extensions 3) support as a minimum.

In other words, this basically means that the warning is applicable for all the pre-Intel Core 2 Duo processors including Intel Atom and Celeron M as post-2005 majority of the processors have the SSE3 support.

As a result, it is expected that Chrome will begin with posting a warning within Chrome 87 that the software will no longer be able to support such hardware, and with Chrome 89, the Installer won’t make any attempt to install Chrome. Furthermore, if in case, a user tries to run the software, it will only crash.

Unfortunately, this change is more applicable for Windows only but that too, in a very small amount, as ChromeOS, Android and Mac run on x64 CPUs with existing SSE3 level support. While the exact reason behind this change hasn’t been revealed, we think the aim is to give a boost to the overall performance of the browser.

Moreover, as Microsoft also has Edge (along with Chromium) therefore one can also expect it to be affected by the recent change in support.

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