Here Is How Online Search Behaviors Are Changing - A Tussle Between Search Engines And Social Media!

There is no doubt in the fact that the internet today runs the world but have you ever wondered about what exactly people really do on the internet? While there would be multiple guesses or answers to this question, we are presenting statistics related to the similar online behaviors.

According to the Digital 2021 report created with the collaboration of We Are Socials and Hootsuite, about 63% of users go online to find information related to their daily life matters. This figure also makes up as two-thirds of the world’s internet users who possess the similar motivation.

But that is not the only thing that the researchers of GWI have presented. Since search behaviors are evolving with the passage of time, this means that there will be important consequences in times to come that anyone planning to engage a digital audience will have to take care of.

The reports show that conventional search engines are continuously on top with 98% of the respondents admitting that they now rely on the search engines more than ever.

But in that too, 7 in 10 respondents also revealed a surprising fact of using at least one tool (excluding the text-based search engine one) to look out for information online every month.

As expected in previous years, voice interfaces are now a big hit with 45% of internet users from around the world have used voice search or voice commands in the last 30 days.

Along with that, one-third of global internet users are also relying on the image recognition tools which are readily available on all mobiles every month in the form of Pinterest Lens and Google Lens - as both of these apps have experienced a hike in usage across Latin America and Southeast Asia.

However, with all the statistics, the rise of social search has been the best evolving behavior so far. A whopping 45% of internet users are now finding the relevant information regarding products or services on social networking platforms and in return, those platforms are offering multiple options of what they are looking for.

The figures related to this behavior turn out to be even higher when we look at younger users. As per what’s stated in the report, there are more chances of Gen Z users searching for a particular brand on social media instead of search engines.

It’s finally the war of social media versus search engines where for now, social networks are winning!
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