WhatsApp for iOS beta update will get a "log out" feature for multi-device that will allow its users to unlink their device from the main WhatsApp account

WhatsApp is among the world’s best messaging app, with a variety of features launched by the company. However, some features of WhatsApp had some limitations that could devalue it in front of other social networking apps like Telegram, and Instagram, because those platforms provide their users an option to log in to their account with more than one device at the same time, but you were restricted to one device in case of WhatsApp before the update. Now WhatsApp has released its beta version for iOS through the TestFlight Beta Program that has the feature for its user to log out to their main WhatsApp account from their device.

Now WhatsApp is working to give you the same feature which the other social media platforms provide you that is multi-device connection. Now WhatsApp will provide you the same feature that will allow its users to connect to four devices at a time to their main WhatsApp account. WhatsApp’s this feature is still in development will be launched soon. WABetaInfo reveled in a blog post that, currently, WhatsApp is working of this feature. The latest log out feature will be presented in the Account tab setting, as it will replace the existing “Delete My Account’’ option. It is possible that WhatsApp may move its log out option to the ‘’Linked device’’ in the final stage. This log out feature will be available in the Beta version for iOS. You can change your previous WhatsApp with a new one while having the old chats and contacts.

WhatsApp is working on 2 types of multi-device features, in which the users can use the WhatsApp web without being connected to the internet. This feature will be much useful when you are traveling and having no mobile data of Wi-Fi in your device, other types of multi-device feature is where users can connect up to four devices to their main account at the same time. What more interesting is this option also needs no internet connection. However, some sources are saying that the limit of the number of devices could increase in near future but, it is still not confirmed news because WhatsApp has not made any type of announcement yet. The messaging service will also work on audio and video calling for WhatsApp web. Facebook has announced the confirmation for these features of WhatsApp this year. These types of updates could transform the business of WhatsApp to the next level because those users who were migrating to other messaging apps like Telegram could be attracted to such features as well and WhatsApp can bring them back on its platform.

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