Facebook’s Watch Party Feature to Bid Farewell In The Coming Weeks (updated)

Since technology is evolving at such a fast pace, social media companies and tech giants are coming up with new and unique features every few months to keep their applications engaging and to keep up with the advancing tech world.

Though so many new features are introduced, hyped up and used but have you ever noticed how some features just simply vanish from their particular social media. Considering there are so many social media applications currently operating and each comes up with new features every few months, we use that feature and then suddenly after a time it is forgotten by us and simply vanishes without us noticing. The reason behind this probably is that the feature may not be doing as well as it used to when it was first introduced and the company had to remove it in order to make space for new more exciting features.

Similarly, this month Facebook is doing something exact same to one of its feature. Facebook’s Watch Party feature was introduced back in November of 2018 in the United States initially and then made available throughout the globe in August the same year. The feature allows people to host virtual parties in which they can watch any public videos from Facebook with your friends in real time. Later the facility of letting you connect to any video from any platform or your downloads was also provided. You can host a party and notify its timing on your feed and anybody from your friend list on Facebook can join it.

This feature was in popular demand in the initial days of lockdown when people were confined within the four walls of their homes. Pre lockdown, football and other matches or movies were watched by friends together when hanging out at each other’s place but lockdown brought with itself a bunch of restrictions and many of us could not meet each our friends and that is when people started hosting the most watch parties, to have the similar feels with watching stuff with friends but virtually. The Watch Party allowed you to see a particular content together live and communicate and talk with each other as well, but then its hype died down.

Once Facebook noticed that the Watch Party is not giving the same feedback it previously used to since a few months. Facebook decided that it was time to bid farewell to its two-year-old friend and as of April 16th 2021, Facebook Watch Party will not be accessible by the users and nobody can then onwards host watch parties, as reported by Matt Navarra, the social media app researcher. The reason as to why Facebook is closing off the Watch Party feature is unknown but there is a high possibility of it not giving a good enough response now and therefore the two-year-old feature will be bidding farewell by the end of this month.

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