Under Screen Camera’s for iPhone? Not Anytime Soon

With new and more advanced phones coming out in the market year after year, mobile phone companies want to try new and more unique methods and designs for their phones. One such thought was to remove the front facing camera from the top of the screen in order to make the screen bigger than usual by occupying the space previously occupied by the camera. But the implementation of this is harder than it seems.

One company called ZTE in last year September, launched a phone called ZTE Axon 20 5G. The new mobile phone device was launched in such a way that the front facing camera was hidden under the device’s screen. This provided the phone to have a larger screen as well as a front camera that was invisible. It was considered as the “Holy Grail” of mobile phones before its launch because it managed to achieve the inevitable first in the mobile world. However, things did not go into the company’s favor and the camera quality sucked.

How was the camera quality rated? Well a test at a company called Dxomark enlightened us about just how difficult it is to create an under screen camera, because with that the quality seriously gets affected and that is why based on that test Apple will not be launching an iPhone with such a feature any time soon.

Dxomark conducted a test on the camera quality of several phones and the ZTE Axon 20 5G managed to land on the second last position with a solid 26 points, while the last in line was Intex Aqua Selfie. To judge how bad, the quality of the camera of these two phones were can be based on the fact that the third last in line was way higher in number by a great margin which was Meitu V6, coming in at 59 points. Samsung Galaxy S8 managed to score 76 points while Apple’s new iPhone 12 pro managed to score 96 points on the same test.

So next time you complain about Apple not coming up with new designs and just continuing the same ones every few years, consider the fact that though we have come a long way in technology but there is still so much left to explore and invent and it will take a few years before Apple decided to surprise the world with a new more innovative design.

Coming back to the ZTE Axon 20 5G, what were the reasons that the camera quality turned out so bad you must be thinking?

Well, firstly it was found out by the testers that the camera quality really struggled with the colors in still mode providing a poor dynamic range, blown-out highlights and unnatural skin tones. The flash which was also built in along with the camera performs worse than competing phones which simply use the display to provide the necessary light. Also, the portrait mode provided rather lower quality and there was really no differentiation in between the background and the focus of the picture, nor was the background really blur.

So for now, capturing a picture with an under screen camera looks really far-fetched in the future and the best bet we have of it until now is with Samsung announcing a similar hidden camera technology for their laptops but no further comments on when will it be implemented and introduced have been made. Also will they do it on their phones has also not been said. So if you are an Apple user who thinks that things might change for Apple as well, let’s not get your hopes up for that.

Photo: JRE/ YouTube.

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