Facebook will restore the pages in Australia that is restricted, after an agreement with the government

Facebook has now agreed to restore all the pages which it restricted a few days ago after a favorable deal with the government. The government agreed to a number of changes addressed concerns about the Facebook relationship with publishers specifically rather than take to account commercial deals that digital platforms may have already made with news media businesses before deciding on the law. Facebook cannot avoid making payments to the publishers who hosted content to the platform and Facebook took advantage of such news content.

However, Facebook can now run the news without having to go through a government-run legislation process, but still, Facebook will have to pay the publisher under the new amendments that it made with the government as a result of a deal that was made after the eleventh-hour negotiation and intense reaction against the company was coming out due to which Facebook had to make a deal with the government.

The Australian government and Facebook have made their announcement separately that Facebook will restore all the pages days after restricted them from the platform in the coming days. As Campbell Brown said in his statement that we will support all the publishers including small and local publishers especially those who do not have the economic power to deal with the platform, but we have also made it cleared to the government that we will retain the authority to decide whether the news appears on the Facebook so that it looks like we have not made any forced agreement with the Australian government.

The News Media bargaining code would have required Facebook with the other sites to make payment to the publishers for their hosted content. However, the government will make the legislation in which it will decide the rates for the news content of the publishers. The Government will make the proposed amendments within the period of two months that will give the time both to Facebook and the Publishers to broker an agreement before they are urged to enter binding government-controlled arbitration, according to the government news release.

However, Facebook disagreed on the law before that it has already spent an immense amount of its revenue on the payments of publishers and clicks to their sites. Facebook’s chief Mark Zuckerberg also contacted senior Australian politicians and Robert Thomson the Chief executive of Murdoch’s News Corp. Google also took action against the law and threaten to remove its search services from Australia in response to the arbitration which is not in favor of digital media.

The Australian government forced that if both sides are not ready to make a deal, then we will set the rates that could be in favor of either party- publishers or digital platforms who are running the contents. On Tuesday, it will be further clarified that how the bargaining code will be implemented. Now parties Government and Facebook have now resolved the issue and Facebook will soon restore the pages that it restricted a few days ago.

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