Passage ranking in Google search is launched in the US, can help to find the hidden answers of your questions from buried web pages

Alphabet unit, Google is the number one in search engine services where billions of users search on this platform to find the answers to their questions. Google is trying its best through different ways to bring the top results which are sometimes buried deep in a web page which is difficult to find out. Google always tries to evaluate whether the answer is relevant to your question which is the most important thing. Recently, Google is focusing on a passage ranking to help people find the buried answers to their questions which can bring more users to the platform.

Google has assessed all the content through passage ranking in which millions of buried answers were found by Google, alongside the launch of Hum to search. The company understands the value of the content because sometimes a single sentence that is hidden inside the deep web page can bring the answer of thousands of questions a hundred topics. But previously, those near circumstances could reduce the chance of page looking in the search result, which is hidden in the web page even though that had a strong answer to your questions. Google is trying to make its search result better to relate the answers with your question by addressing this issue with an innovation in ranking that will allow the search to classify and understand each individual passage.

An example of a query has been given to show people how the search worked before the passage ranking and after its launch how Google has given the immediate answer to your question rather than providing you more general results. Before the passage ranking, Google was able to show different links and not always the exact answer of your question, but after its launch, it is able to provide you an exact and accurate answer to your question.

After the passage ranking, search result has an additional factor of ranking which can save your time doing a long search and then find the answer of your queries. The company does not sell additional products except offering a great form of content to the public.

According to SearchLiaison, Passage ranking in Google search is recently released in the US for only English language queries, however, more languages will follow soon. If it is globally launched, it can make the search engine more accurate.
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