As the privacy battle escalates between Facebook and Apple, Mark Zuckerberg told his team to inflict pain on Apple, reports WSJ

Facebook was not happy with the decision of Apple company that is made in the upcoming update of iOS where Apple company has given rights to its users to give ad permissions to the company collecting the data. The main revenue of Facebook comes from advertisement and due to the privacy changes policy of Apple company, there can be a negative impact on the revenue of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg was not happy with the decision; therefore, he told his staff to remove the Apple verification tick from the platform. Now, this privacy battle continues and has escalated the situation. Wall street journal has issued a report with detail about Facebook’s rage at Apple.

The CEO of Apple company, Tim Cook said in an interview three years back that Apple would have never found itself in such a situation and he said for well-created regulation to avoid a similar situation in the future. However, the CEO of Facebook did not remain silent on Tim Cook’s comment, he fired back in public that Tim Cook’s comment is based on lies.

In the year 2020, the Facebook company is joining Epic games in its privacy battle, while the company has decided to stay away from the dispute. Therefore, the company is agreed to give documents to Epic. According to a recent report, Facebook is trying to put an antitrust claim on Apple.

The spokesperson of Facebook also comments on the matter that the choice between personalized services and privacy was a ‘’false trade-off’’ and Facebook shows both. Dani Level the spokesperson of Facebook also said that businesses will lose their position and their revenue will be affected much due to changes in privacy policies of Apple. This is not about two companies fighting with each other, this is about the future of free internet. He further added that Apple says that it’s about the privacy of users that it cares about, this is not the case it’s about the profit of the company. Facebook is joining hands with other marketers to stop this self-preferencing behavior.

Wall Street Journal said that Facebook and Apple have never been such odds as in the year 2014, Cook called Facebook as a partner while he highlighted competitive threat which is posted by Android.

Now, the tension between both companies intensifying that the law firms and lobbyists are saying that they are unable to work for both companies. Apple company added fuel to fire by saying that valuing engagement over privacy leads to polarization. Apple company has made an extra layer of the privacy policy by launching an App tracking Transparency feature.

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