Facebook Is Widely Rolling Out Its Account Status Tab, Allowing Users To Examine Their Profile, Pages And Groups Restriction History

According to Matt Navarra and Ahmed Ghanem, Facebook is widely rolling out its Account Status feature to its Profile Settings menu that allows users to observe any current or prior restrictions employed upon their account, pages and/or groups that they manage.

Account Status is, simply put, a minor tweak that only serves to add convenience to the Facebook interface. While one could have checked any of these details individually, and exerted themselves in the process, this new menu complies all relevant information into one easily accessible folder for a user's beck and call.

Accessing the Account Status subheading is rather simple as well. A new icon has been added to one's Account Settings menu, resembling a briefcase (although warning signs have been spotted in place as well). Clicking or tapping upon it will lead a user to the Account Status screen. One's moderated groups and pages have further separate icons that users can interact with to identify restrictions or how well they're following Facebook's community guidelines. Another option, clearly labelled Restriction History enables users to identify both past and present strikes against one's personal account. Again, while all of this information is not revolutionary in and of itself, it's being grouped together under an easy to access sub-heading does help matters along.

Facebook's flagging of both content and individual accounts has entered the realms of notoriety. Amongst relentless accusations of facilitating hate speech, anti-vaccination and COVID-19 conspiracy rhetoric, as well as being an unwitting platform for the Capitol riots planning, the social network has been put on high alert. What that should mean is a tighter and more vigilant regulation of guidelines.

What that ends up meaning, however, is the ban hammer is flung relentlessly, and with complete abandon. This often affects innocuous small pages, groups and brands, even going as far as to cut their revenue streams by a significant chunk. The Account Status interface at least makes it much easier to compete these strikes, along with learning to tiptoe around guidelines from past experience.

Then again, Facebook doesn't exactly show much in the form of learning from previous errors and grievances. Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer for Facebook, actively attempted to direct attention away from Facebook's role in the Capitol riots, choosing to blame other unspecified third party platforms instead. The social media giant is responsible for millions upon millions of users, yet can do nothing more to assist them short of making convenient menus that highlight it's own shortcomings.

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