Twitter has improved its data tracking option to help advertisers maintain data on ad response and also announced an upgrade of the Apps install campaign

Keeping in view the privacy of its users, Twitter has improved the data tracking option to help the advertisers maintain data on ad response, now the advertisers have no need to use third-party cookies to get the response of Twitter’s users. They can now simply use the first-party data to check the response of their campaign through website tag offering. Twitter said that maintaining the privacy of its users is the priority of the platform and will never compromise on it at any cost.

If the users click the website ad, the click ID’s unique identifier of Twitter will be added automatically in the URL, when the pixel of Twitter fires, the ID of the user will be taken and will be sent to Twitter, so that it can be used to point the site visit to the click. This will help to prevent taking the cookies stored in the user’s device which could disturb the privacy of users, and many people are not ready to share their privacy with others. Twitter’s click ID method is added in the URL of a recommended link, Twitter said that this process is getting a good response from its users and it will maintain the privacy of its users in case of loss of cookie tracking.

The Ads manager of Twitter was discussing the great response of the public that their site visit has also increased ten times after the launch of this process which not just good for the users but also good for the platform. Twitter is making improvements in its features including a Website Card Format, better navigation, lessen the loading time of its website, and the process of conversion optimization modelling will identify those users who are more interested to visit the website.

Now with the help of the Apps Install Campaign the marketers can take the benefits of control and management option. Twitter said that it has made some improvements in this option to drive more engagement of users, and improved the mobile app impressions by around 80 percent, and made a better prediction and measurement.

Twitter has also made its Context and information better by making improvements in its predictive texts, bid optimization, and supple quality system. Twitter has also launched a new measurement solution that will help the marketers to install attributes with more accuracy, and navigate iOS 14’s new app tracking transparency that will provide the option to iPhone users to give permission about sharing a date with the advertisers. But the Twitter is also considering an alternative to data solution which will help the advertisers to track the response data so that they can avoid the losses due to the changes in policies of Apple coming IDFA update.

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Sources: Twitter / SMT.

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