Good news for advertisers: Facebook is developing a new tool for brands to tackle harmful content

Facebook is a giant social media company with over 2.7 billion monthly active users. Among these 2.7 users; some have always been complaining that the big social media companies pay less attention to prevent ads from being shown on their platforms which also includes hate speech, fake news, and harmful content.

Facebook is no less than any other social media platform and makes its users believe that it is concerned about them and their data. The platform not only makes sure that the users stay aware; but also ensures that they are safe from any kind of offensive and hurtful content. A lot of efforts are done by Facebook while investing in system transparency. An example of this is when Facebook launched the content oversight board in 2018, upon the suggestion of Mark Zuckerberg. This is an organization that keeps a check on the data that is posted on the platform. Facebook then confirmed that since it has created the oversight board, it has received 20,000 reports.

The company is still committed to providing content to its users that is free of hateful content or that which can hurt someone’s self-worth. The Inc of Facebook confirmed on Friday that the company is soon to introduce a new tool for advertisers through which they will have control over what type of content is appearing alongside their ads.

Facebook was accused by giant firms like Starbucks and Coca-Cola boycotted Facebook after declaring it the cause for the death of George Floyd and accused the firm of not having a check and control over the hate speech on its platform. As a huge number of social media users complain that these social media platforms don’t do enough for discouraging hate speech, companies like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter signed a deal with big advertisers for improving the content displayed in the ads on Facebook.

On Friday, the company informed that it might take a year to complete the project - which will let the users decided what type of ads do they want to be displayed on their news feed. The new tool will first be tested on the accounts of a group of advertisers; before it is publicly made available to folks all over the globe.

Facebook names its upcoming feature or tool as “topic exclusion controls”; which was announced by Mark Zuckerberg last year. A list of apps and websites that an individual will visit that use Facebook’s business tools such as Facebook pixel, SDK, and API are to be affected by this upcoming feature, said Facebook. The company made sure that it consulted business agencies and industry bodies for knowing which factors should it keep in mind; while developing the tool.

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