DxOMark Camera Review of iPhone 12 Mini Surprises Everyone With Score Similar To iPhone 12

Finally, the DxOMark camera review of iPhone 12 mini is out, and looking at the scores, quite surprisingly, one can say that the result is very much similar to its bigger brother iPhone 12. However, the sad part is that the phone doesn’t make it to the top 10 smartphone camera list on DxOMark, but in terms of a total score of 122, it is right up there with iPhone 12.

First up the mini model is well appreciated for its great exposure quality in photo and video modes. As per DxOMark, the iPhone 12 mini holds the potential to process Dolby Vision HDR videos quickly, along with fast and accurate autofocus and also excellent stabilization.

The DxOMark's camera review shows that in the photo category, iPhone 12 mini scores 132 points; among which the device scores 41 points for its zoom abilities and 112 points for the amazing video quality. These scores are also very much similar to the iPhone 12 for each category respectively.

The autofocus also turned out to be as quick as the bigger iPhone 12 even when there were low light conditions. Besides that, upon turning on the bokeh effect, the phone also did a wonderful job in estimating the depth.

During the night, the flash did not open on its own for all the shots. And when the flash was off, one could see visible differences in exposure. Overall, DxOMark was left impressed with the iPhone 12 mini’s efficient stabilization and the quick Dolby Vision HDR processing abilities for videos.

iPhone 12 mini only loses against its larger model only for not having a dedicated telephoto camera. The digital zoom, which is offered as an alternative, is not that great in providing attention to detail, as also shown by DxOMark.

iPhone 12 mini also falls short with a limited dynamic range in photos. Moreover, when one looks at the photo with great focus, then there is also a blue-white balance that casts in outdoor conditions irrespective of whether you are taking a photo or video. DxOMark also saw artifacts like a flare, color quantization, and ringing in multiple conditions.

Despite the similarities, the iPhone 12 Pro, in the end, leads the show with 128 points, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been the best of them all with 130 points in the camera review.

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