Google is once again experimenting with the dark theme on desktop devices

Alphabet unit Google is the world’s number one search engine with millions of monthly active users. Google always tries to give importance to its users’ choice, whether it comes in security, privacy, or changes in themes. Now Google has decided to give a visual change to its search results. Google is working on a dark mode for its search engine which could look nice for many users. Many people using the same white theme may get bored of it, so they did not have a choice to change it but not now. Google is testing a dark theme for its desktop users. According to a report, Google once tested the dark back in the month of December 2020, but due to some reasons that theme was vanished.

Now in 2021, once again, Google has decided to experiment this theme back after getting a lot of requests from its users. Many users explained on Reddit that they are seeing this on their desktop screen, which means that these themes are becoming extensive. 9To5Google also spotted the dark mode this week.

This dark mode theme may not be perfect for some users who like the old themes a lot but still, it’s a good change from the side of Google, and it should be spread on the screens of worldwide users. Many people think that this dark mode theme does not look cool because it has removed the colorful icons from their screen. However, some people who liked such changes thinks that this dark theme looks super cool. If this dark has not shown on your screen, you will have to be patient.

Some people who like dark themes were using the extensions like Dark reader dark. Now, they do not need to rely on such extensions. Google is also trying its best to complete its transition. Google said that its users will see more news like this sooner or later.

All the websites you are searching for will automatically be converted to a dark mode as soon as you switch the option of a dark mode on Google Chrome. Google has now created this theme by using a flag (chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark) that will be shown on all websites, but to be honest that will look not cool because it is not a handcrafted theme that will suit all the designed elements of an individual website. Therefore, Google has decided to give you the option of whether to switch it on or off according to your choice at the bottom of your screen. Some users may think that it’s not a big change but still, it’s a good evolution of the modern web.

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