Apple's fraudulent website warning feature that alerts users about the website that is known to host malware, now will protect your privacy in iOS 14.5

Apple company always cares about the privacy of its users, therefore it is trying its best to provide you all types of features to protect your privacy, as the number of attacks through third-party websites is increasing day by day which can steal your data. You should be very careful while the opening any type of website that can contain malware. Apple’s Fraudulent website warning is designed to help you keep your data safe. Apple company is taking some strong actions against the hackers to stop them. Many people, especially in America, are very conscious about their data that according to a report more than half percent of American thinks that losing data is more dangerous than being killed. Therefore, Apple has designed this warning to make you alert about the website that is containing malware.

Before, that check consulted a database which is hosted on a Google server, but now after this feature, you can simply use Apple proxy to maintain your privacy while opening that website. This step can reduce the number of attacks on Apple products in the future. However, we cannot say anything about the reduction percentage of attacks before the working of this warning option.

Apple company is employing an extra layer of privacy protection because this company is fully aware of users’ privacy. When Google creeps the web, it checks the site’s stats for malware. When it is confirmed that, the site which is being opened is a phishing site or hosting a malware, then is added to a database of vague sites. Google company mostly use stats to recognize the site being opened is a phishing site or hosting malware and adds a database too. However, Chrome checks the database every time you try to open a suspicious website and generates a warning message that whether you want to open such a website.

Apple company also uses the same database, but also take some extra measures to ensure that Google never sees the URL that you want to open but notifying that Google can log your IP address. When the fraudulent website warning is enabled in your device, Safari will show a warning notification that you are visiting a phishing website, through which the attacker can steal your personal information. Safari will calculate the information and check it before your visit such a website to Google safe browsing to test whether the website is fraudulent or not. Apple now proxies Google safe browsing traffic, Safari can put an extra layer to your privacy while browsing.

Apple is in the mid of a high-profile privacy battle over app privacy labels and the new requirement for apps to take permission from the users for ad-tracking. But before that, some apps were trying to avoid the permission of users to declare the data they capture. However, Apple will bring the fraudulent website warning in iOS 14.5 update.

H/T: the8-bit.

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