Facebook Will Soon Allow Users to Share their Instagram Reels Content to Facebook Watch

Social Media is a vast world now and all the applications have been constantly working towards greater updates which will make their app user friendly as well as interesting for it to remain along the best apps in the market.

TikTok though still a new app compared to its social media rivals has taken the lead among all the apps right now. With its fun to use features and personalization of the Algorithm, there is ton of other stuff that interests the users and therefore other social media rivals are always trying to compete and finding opportunities to outgrow it.

When TikTok got banned in India, Instagram immediately within a span of days introduced its new Reels feature for users to feel free to express themselves through videos on Instagram and considering India had a TikTok popularity of over 200 million users it worked well for the company. However, very recently it looks like Facebook feels threatened with TikToks growing popularity and it is trying to limit TikTok’s expansion so that people do not jump from their app.

Though Facebook cannot match TikTok in the race for more fun content, it tried to find alternative ways to prove that it can provide users more reach than it does now. In December, Instagram began testing a feature which will allow Instagram users to share their Reels on Facebook’s News Feed and Facebook Watch. It initially gained popularity and from the looks of it Facebook is trying to provide a more advanced and polished feature now.

Social media researcher Matt Navarra and a user @VarunBanur took it to their social profiles to explain the newly updated feature of Facebook which is still under testing. Some Instagram users who make Reels, began receiving notifications asking for consent of whether or not they will like to share their Reels on Facebook. This means that Facebook will allow Reel Creators to upload their Reels on Facebook Feed and Watch directly without linking it to any Facebook account and under their Instagram username only and Facebook will make the Reels accessible to a part of Facebook’s 2.8 billion users, which will be great for expansion in usage of both the apps.

According to Instagram, Reels have seen a steady growth in India and by adding the option of sharing your Reels to Facebook will be a great step to grow the audience potential on both the said apps. Even though there is a high possibility that Facebook will not be able to beat TikTok in terms on integration but the newly developed feature will definitely help the app in terms of more engagement.

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