These Are The Top Mobile App Publishers Globally By Downloads, For January 2021

Sensor Tower, an analytical firm, has recently uploaded data in the list of top 10 world-wide top mobile app publishers by downloads for January 2021.

According to the information, Google was successful in gaining 250 million installs and ranked on the top for the topmost mobile publisher in January 2021. The tech giant, if not colossus at this point, maintained that sweet first position not only in the overall top 10, but also across App Store and Google Play downloads respectively

Facebook managed to take the second position in the list of top non-gaming app publishers worldwide and had more than 191 million installs last month. It also fared comfortably in both App Store and Google Play markets, ranking 3rd in the former and 2nd in the latter. Although, considering the advent of iOS 14's Tracking and Transparency features combined with Facebook's controversial stance against them, that former ranking might slip down a few notches in the coming months.

After Facebook, Voodoo, AppLovin, and Crazy Labs conquered the next 3 ranks of overall downloads of top mobile publishers worldwide. As a matter of fact, mobile gaming has taken a huge portion of the pie in regards to mobile downloads. Between Voodoo, Crazy Labs, Azur Interactive, SayGames, and Outfit7, game publishers account for half of our top 10. And that's a number that will only further be added to, once individual lists for the App Store and Google Play are compared. Every analyst from 2020 has been yelling this at the top of their textual voices: this sudden business surge marks the perfect time to invest in or actively develop mobile games. Hey, if the creator of Talking Tom is resting comfortably in the top 10, dear reader, you’ve got a chance!

Let’s discuss an entry most of us were probably sure would rank higher: TikTok's developer, Bytedance. While faring rather well for itself, the Chinese publishing company (even if it is domiciled elsewhere) has come under rather intense international security. Countries such as India have outright banned TikTok, while the former US president Donald Trump has actively opposed its presence in America. At this point, its clinched 8th position seems more like a feat than half of the other entries on our list. Bytedance, while ranking a solid 4th place in the App Store, is entirely absent from the Google Play list. This is probably owing to India being one of the largest markets for Android devices.

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