DuckDuckGo Enables Its Initiative of Global Privacy Control On All Its Mobile Apps

DuckDuckGo in collaboration with other organizations joined a privacy focused initiative called Global Privacy Control (GPC).

If you are not aware what this is, worry not. Well, DuckDuckGo is a search engine just like Google and Edge comparatively not so popular, but do you know it does not sell your data to others and maintain user privacy as it does not even store data in the first place. Well, it became the founding member of GPC to ensure that the users get their rights of internet tracking and maintaining their data privacy.

After a great response on this initiative, they are taking a step further. It was recently announced by DuckDuckGo that their mobile applications for both Android and iOS will have a GPC enabled by default as well as for the Browser Extensions of Google, Edge, Firefox, etc.

The purpose of GPC is to stop websites in sharing your information and data to others without your consent and even though DuckDuckGo alone does provide anti tracking features, but some companies still sell and use your data to their benefits which the said company thinks is wrong. Hence, DuckDuckGo created this GPC which makes the matter more legalized in situations like these. If you enable the GPC on your devices or browsers, they will send a message to the website you are surfing through that you do not allow it to share or use your data in any way and hence your privacy is maintained.

If you want your data privacy maintained and you are willing to try the DuckDuckGo app, this feature will be available on versions 7.61.11 or newer on iOS and version 5.73.0 or newer on Android. The DuckDuckGo Privacy Essential Extension for Chrome, Firefox, Edge can also be installed on the desktop or if you already have it, you can update it to the version 2021.1.8 or later.

Many major publications are impressed by this feature and have promised to implement the GPC, which includes The Washington Post and Automattic (makers of WordPress) while the New York Times have already taken the steps.

This is a great step taken by them. Considering how important the user privacy is, it should be under the user that whether or not they want to share their information. DuckDuckGo is increasing its popularity among the general public, day after day. It recently crossed the barrier for 100 million daily searches for the first time ever. Even though it is comparatively a lot less than its competitive search engines, the future of DuckDuckGo looks bright and it has a long way to go.

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