New Data Shows iPhones Are More Valuable as Trade Ins Than Android Devices

The people that prefer using various kinds of Apple products often talk about how they enjoy things like figuring out the kind of value they can derive from the product in question. Apple phones are expensive, but this is justified by the fact that Apple seemingly makes high quality products that often have really amazing resale value to a certain extent as well. However, is there actually any truth to this notion? New data suggests that there might be.

The data shows that iPhones that have been used for a year trade in for higher valued phones than those that comparable Android flagships would be able to get you. Trade ins are a really important part of ensuring that you get the maximum possible value from any iPhone or other kind of smartphone that you decide to end up using. Being able to trade your phone in a year after you use it can make it so that you can keep upgrading without having to incur all that great of a cost onto your person at all which can be a great way to live in a financially responsible manner.

If you want examples, you can take the iPhone 11 and compare it with the Galaxy S20. The Galaxy S20 is super powered to an almost ridiculous degree, and yet in spite of the fact that this is the case it saw an almost 35% reduction in its trade in value, whereas the iPhone 11 only saw less than a 13% reduction in its value. This depreciation holds true for the subsequent models as well, namely the S20+ as well as the S20 Ultra, both of which saw value declines in excess of 30%.

Taking the iPhone’s in this context, the iPhone 11 seemed to perform best in this regard. iPhones 11 Pro and Pro Max both saw larger declines in trade in value of 21.31% and 15.96% respectively, but you will note that this is far lower than even Galaxy S20+ which was nominally their best performer having “only” lost 30.59% of its value as compared to the Galaxy S20’s 34.73% and the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s whopping 36.3%.

This obviously is not going to be a big deal for a lot of people, but it certainly will be for some since it would affect their future trade in potential.
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