SnapChat's Parent Company Bought An AI Startup Called “Ariel AI” to Improve Its Augmented Reality Features

Snap bought British Artificial Intelligence Start Up called Ariel AI.

The news came from Business Insider that Snap which is the parent company of the well-known and widely used application across the world “Snapchat” has acquired the Ariel AI and this news was confirmed by the several media houses on Tuesday this week. Snap told media outlets that Ariel AI joined the computer vision in London at the end of last year that is 2020.

Ariel AI was found in 2018 in London by former employees and research scientist of Google and Facebook including Chief Executive Iasonas Kokkinos and Chief Technology Officer George Papandreou.

The basic purpose of the company Ariel AI is to focus on the computer vision category of the AI whose purpose is to build features related to augmented reality. Artificial Intelligence is basically defined as an intelligence that a machine portrays while Augmented reality can be defined as a technology that overlays information and digital content onto the real physical world. The company said that their software allows 3D human perception in the physical world, and also allows you to experience the next generation consuming on the mobile devices right in your hand. A video on YouTube also showed a demo that how the newly introduced technology can display a 3D model of a person which can be used to try on clothes visually and for gaming purposes. This feature looks so cool and is a dive into the real world of advanced technology that we always imagined. But how does Snap come in and what purpose will this feature play in with Snap?

Well, Nathan Benaich who is the co-author of annual state of AI report as well as the AI investor at Air Street Capital said that his first bet on which company will acquire Ariel AI was Snapchat and he thinks that they bought the company because of the talented work force it has and because it focuses on a very battery efficient and on-device 3D mesh building in a snappy with a use case in AR.

Considering what will Snapchat do with such technology? 12 engineers from the Ariel AI company have been assigned to make Snapchat’s camera more smart and improve the augmented reality feature allowing users a better experience to engage in the real world. The company said that they will focus on the semantics, geometry and what is in the field of the camera. While it is not known that for how much Snap bought the Ariel AI, but it is expected to be in the single digits of the millions because prior to Snapchat Ariel AI already had 1.1 billion dollars from investors in funding.

Apart from Snapchat other US firms have also acquired British AI companies in the previous years for hundreds of million dollars.

Photo: Shona Ghosh/Business Insider

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