Data Scraping Chrome Extensions Are Getting Sued by Facebook

Chrome extensions are supposed to make your life easier for you, but most of the time they end up doing a lot more harm than good. The main reason for this is that a lot of Chrome extensions are involved in some pretty shady activities, and one example of this can be seen with a number of malicious browser extensions that are being offered through a business that is going under the name of Oink and Stuff, a business that is now being sued by Facebook due to the malicious activities that its extensions were involved in.

Basically the extensions being offered by Oink and Stuff were responsible for scraping a lot of data from users including their profiles, and this is something that proved to be a huge security risk for companies like Facebook who rely on user privacy and security to make ends meet in a really big way. The legal grounds for Facebook suing this company is that the user agreement for these extensions clearly state that no data scraping is done at all, and the fact that users ended up having their privacy violated clearly indicates that the company was lying.

The information and data that ended up being scraped by the company was extremely sensitive. It included things like people’s names, gender identities, relationship statuses as well as age data. All of these things are very personal, and the fact that a company was able to take advantage of it indicates that things are not quite what they seem. The fact that Facebook is taking these companies to task is a sign that the social media platform is trying to take the privacy of its users a lot more seriously, especially since so many allegations have been levied against it previously about not doing enough to protect its users.

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