App Annie 2021, State Of Mobile Report Shows Great Impact Across Global Economy

According to The State of Mobile report from the mobile app intelligence agency App Annie, TikTok has been the most used app of 2020 among generation Z, leaving behind Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitch, ROBLOX, Spotify, and Instagram altogether. Despite constant bans and legal notices and investigations thrown its way, TikTok is about to smash 1.2 billion active users in 2021.

While the people of generation Y preferred Discord, Linked In, PayPal, Pandora music, and Amazon music and on the other hand generation, X’s most-used apps were Ring, Nextdoor, The Weather Channel, Kindle, and ColorNote Notepad Notes.

In COVID-19 lockdown, the normal time spent every day on cell phones has expanded altogether in 2020, across the globe, having more opportunity to save; people were seeking other sources of entertainment at their homes. An important point to notice here is that the use of the Smartphone, in terms of time and usage has beaten television as the primary source of entertainment. Globally, 3.5 trillion hours were spent on android phones only. With more investors coming toward mobile making companies global funding has doubled as compared to the previous five years i.e. 2016 till 2020.

With so many people losing their jobs during this pandemic and so many people locked in their homes the use of mobile app stores including Google Play, Apple App Store and others increased by 20% this year. China was the first in the purchase of phones, followed by the United States and Japan.

Facebook is commonly known to replicate the dominant features of other apps, or just buy the entire application but here the social media and e-commerce giants Facebook and Google are both working together to make a replica with the basics of TikTok.

The data on the app Annie shows that this year the mobile devices was streamed 40% more than the previous year. YouTube stayed at the top on all video streaming platforms with six times more time spent which is more than Netflix.

Likewise as indicated by App Annie, there was a quick expansion in the eCommerce this pandemic, which was relied upon to be a steady addition, has quickened out of nowhere. And it will continue to be this way because people getting more habitual with online shopping.

Instagram and Pinterest are among the rapidly growing and audience engaging apps. And have the opportunity to enter into the eCommerce shift.

This was only a little overview; App Annie has lots of more data which includes industry-specific app analysis and insight, presenting a range of informative guidelines and recommendation for the upcoming year.

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