Microsoft Edge Web Browser Introduces New Features on Its First Birth Anniversary

Microsoft Edge is rolling out several new features and updates this month.

Every developer introduces new updates in their app to keep up with the evolving technology and to maintain user interest. Microsoft Edge Web Browser did the same and what better way to introduce new updates and features than their anniversary.

This month will be marking the one-year anniversary of the Chromium Based Microsoft Edge Web Browser. It was introduced last year this month and have gained popularity among the public rather quickly. People have become fond of this search engine because of its fast working and some even claim it is better than most of its rival search engine which is a lot to say considering how new this is in the market.

However, to celebrate their birthday and the increasing popularity and success, Edge developers have decided to update the application with some new features and updates for their users that will hopefully be available this month.

The features are really cool and helpful. Keep reading to know about them.

Microsoft Edge is introducing Side Bar search engine on the home page of the search engine. Users will also now be able to see incoming recent emails from the new tab page courtesy of the New Smart Tile for Outlook you can see three of your most recent emails as well as start a new email or meeting request in Outlook directly from the tab page.

Now, you can also sync your history and tabs along with your favorites, password and autofill information.

Mac OS will now be able to switch between sites if it shows authenticity with the user work profile and hence will make it easier to juggle between work and private browsing.

The display icons are made from consistent key lines and grids which allows visual consistency during scanning menus and list, hence making the display icons appear finer than before with their softer and rounder edges. The sleeping tabs feature has been introduced that will improve the central processing unit memory and improve the browser performance overall.

Lastly a password generator has been introduced which will help you achieve secured passwords for a safer online experience.

All these features look really interesting and we are glad to see Edge working towards making its browser a secure and safe as well as easy to use platform for its users. It has gained a high demand in only one year since production and we cannot wait to see what else will it offer in the near future.

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