68% of Marketers in the US to collaborate with social media influencers in 2021

It won’t be wrong to say that influencers play a huge role these days into promoting a brand and recommending others to try stuff out which may prove beneficial to their followers. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Snapchat has become a great deal for content creators to showcase their creativity. This platform is not unknown to anyone and we all see them flourishing with their careers with these platforms. Recommending any product and posting reviews about the places they’ve visited needs hard work as well. Their followers follow them and the brands they end up promoting gets an increased audience as well.

It has been reported that about 68.9 percent of marketers in the US will be working with influencers in 2021 which will include paid and unpaid partnerships that will help with increasing profits in their respective brands.

According to the statistics, 55.4% of marketers used social media influencers to grow their businesses, while this ratio was 62.3% in 2020. With the on-going COVID pandemic all across the world, many business suffered huge amount of losses. The careers which didn’t suffer any type of loss but only benefited were the influencers who got huge opportunities to collaborate with big house brands while even helping small business to kick start their careers. Collaborating with social media influencers and making strong connections with them can really help companies to cover their losses that might have occurred.

eMarketer (a market research company) has evaluated that 72.5% of marketers promoting their companies will take help of digital influencers and use their platforms into promoting their products. Even if we don’t take the current situation in matter, this will be proved to be an intelligent move by the companies who are to go with this plan. With promotion, strategies are important as well, it must be assured that the campaigns include content which deals with the audience’s set of mind; this will help more with their promotion.

Valassis, a media company which provides its services related to media and marketing in the US, Europe, Mexico and Canada is said to have about 51% increase in their products bought and promoted by social media influencers.

The marketers not only want to work with content creators having a huge number of following, but also with influencers having 5k or 10k of followers on their Instagram accounts. This is a great strategy and we can only hope for this to turn out well for the companies!

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