These Are The Most Searched “Should I” Questions That Users Asked Google In The Last Year

Since Covid-19 spread throughout the world in the early days of 2020 and was declared as a pandemic, the way of living of everybody from every continent has changed. Large scale public gatherings have been banned and now only small scale gatherings are preferred. Schools and Universities are closed and education of the younger generation is being affected and all of us have been confided to the four walls of our houses longer than our sanity can handle. However, since the precautions are necessary, we all are abiding (hopefully).

The lock down brought a lot of horror for people, being locked inside for days at an end and the crippling anxiety of the spreading disease has made people rather anxious and when they did not know who to turn to, to seek answers, people started to Google their fears, anxiety and questions away. AT&T reseller All Home Connections typed “Should I..” on the search engine to see what questions are bothering people during the pandemic and took out the most searched “should I” questions from each state.

Obviously there were searches related to the pandemic. People worried about the disease and how to take care of themselves and what were the necessary precaution. Should I get tested for COVID? Was usually searched around the states of Idaho, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. While Alabama, Colorado, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Indiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Vermont all worried about whether they should go under quarantine. Yes, please stay home and only go out when necessary. Also mask up, always.

With offices closed and people working from home, the space availability and a healthy environment to work in was the top priority. The people of New York and Texas worried whether they should move houses while people of Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada questioned if they should move out of their apartments and buy houses. Residents of Alaska, Delaware, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Wyoming were considering refinancing.

Apart from these pretty logical queries Google showed some searched which were pretty fun to look at but we do realize that all this was the anxiety people went through.

A state by state survey showed that the most searched question by people in California was that whether or not they should get back with their exes. Clearly a lot of free time on their hands and staying at home gave them a lot time to think about the past. If you take our suggestions, please do not, there is a reason they are your ex.

The people of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Carolina searched whether they should buy a dog? Well you all should, who doesn’t like a furry friend who loves to cuddle in their house while people of Kentucky and Utah had a whole different query of whether they should bring a baby into this world. A baby is a big deal and if you feel that you are ready why not!

Social Media is deceiving on which everything and everybody’s life seem perfect and in order to take care of their mental health the people of Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington questioned if they should delete their social media (especially Facebook account).

While some women who could not go to salons, questioned and searched for different fashions to achieve at home.

The times are traumatic and people are scared, with a pandemic on the loose we hope all of you stay safe and do what you feel like doing, whether it is dying your hair or redecorating your entire house whatever helps you to stay calm. Till then stay safe and masks up!

These Are The Most Searched “Should I” Questions That Users Asked Google In The Last Year

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