Microsoft Edge Gets Handy New Features

While Microsoft has long languished at the very bottom of the web browser food chain, the tech company has managed to make quite a bit of headway in terms of figuring out the kind of browser that people actually want from them. Edge has made a lot of progress in this regard, and some of the new features that Microsoft is bringing to the table are definitely going to make Edge seem like a far better option than a lot of people might have initially thought it was going to end up being.

Edge’s PDF reader has been lacking since the very start, but it has made some slow improvements along the way. The latest update (in Edge Canary, as per TD) to the PDF reader includes a search function (without the need of pressing/opening any shortcut key), something that would prove to be vital for people that are thinking about figuring out how they can conduct research in the most efficient way possible.

The PDF reader isn’t the only thing that’s getting an upgrade in the latest version of Edge either. Edge Stable is now getting (on a limited scale) a history and tab sync option as well which is going to make it a lot easier for people to look into migrating to edge from a different browser since they would know that all of their history and tabs would be coming along with them.

Microsoft has faced a long and arduous road in its journey to turn Edge into a viable browser that people actually want to use. Quite a few people were skeptical at the beginning, saying that Microsoft didn’t really know what it was doing and that any browser that the company made would be bound to fail. Regardless, Edge has actually proven to be a solid browser and with general consumer mistrust of Google increasing it is very possible that they might switch to Edge as an ostensibly more privacy friendly option.

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