Instead of blaming Facebook, Government should collaborate with them

The U.S. law makers are planning to break down big technology companies like Facebook. Instead of blaming these bigger platforms, the Government should give them the opportunity and work with them to grow their products. People will lose an amazing source of entertainment and communication if Facebook will be taken down. As it was a platform where social issues were pointed out like the pandemic and people get to know about any news and valuable information.

The solution of any damage for which Facebook is getting blamed is not the splitting of the platform. Facebook is being criticized for spreading misinformation, but instead of restricting the process of online circulation of news, it is more convenient to split targeted companies.

The consequences of splitting the technological platform are that people will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the tech platform in the future. The role played by Facebook in the betterment of society is huge. In this point of view, the breakdown of Facebook might be a great loss.

Rather than splitting the tech firms, the Government should opt for collaboration and create a healthy environment for businesses to become stable. On the other hand, businesses in return should do their job responsibly. Just paying taxes and funding amounts to charity foundations is not enough. The main responsibility is to utilize the business for public welfare.

Facebook aimed was to bring the people living in different parts of the world closer and to build a strong community, however, it seems that the social network is a bit off from its track, as it keeps on pushing it own profit agenda. This does not mean that businesses and big companies should start offering their services for free. However, there is fine line between socialism and understanding the responsibility. The requirement is to give equal rights to every citizen and the social values that people deserve should be given to them in the best possible way. Such type of behavior will lead to the growth of a successful environment for both Government and tech giants.

If a social network is failing in its purpose then splitting of a platform is not the ideal solution. It will also destroy the good side of the tech firm.

Photo: Jeff Chiu/AP

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