Hackers using PayPal Phishing for Fraudulent Activities

Just like everything, hackers have found a new way to get through your PayPal accounts and use it to their advantages. The process would be optimized so smoothly that you won’t even realize you’ve been hacked.

We know that whenever PayPal gets suspicious about fraudulent activity on an account, it sends a message stating “limited” which will stop any kind of withdrawal, sending or receiving of money from that account temporarily for some time.

What these hackers do is that they will send you a text message pretending to be from PayPal and will tell you that your account has been temporarily disabled and to enable it again you have to click on the given link below the message.

The link will lead you to a phishing page asking you to log in to your account and will further ask for your personal data like your account numbers credit card information address date of birth etc. and all the information will be sent to the thief in charge of all this. The collected information is used for money withdrawal from your account and perform targeted smear phishing. This activity is so common these days that people are easily falling into this trap rather and phishing scams are increasing day by day so it is our responsibility to treat any suspicious looking messages very carefully.

What should you do if you receive such information?

If you or anyone you know have received any kind of suspicious looking message related to PayPal the first thing you should do instead of clicking on the link is to go on the domain of the main site and check if there is something wrong with your account. Even if you mistakenly fell into the trap and logged into the account and have entered all your information, the best thing to do is to go on the PayPal website and change your password. If you use the same password for other accounts because most people tend to keep the same password for all the accounts as it is easy to remember it so incase it is better to change those as well just to stay on the safe side, because once your information is leaked any other account with the same password is just as under threat. You should also monitor your credit card report very carefully just to make sure no fraudulent account is under your name.

Use these tips and tricks to stay safe and also let your friends know about these!

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