Now Google Question Hub is also available for US-based publishers

Question Hub is a tool launched by Google to allow content creators to produce a quality content by addressing unanswered queries. Question Hub is sort of a sheet that acknowledges questions users ask and gather them in one single platform. That collective questionnaire is then presented to content creators, publishers and bloggers to clear out searcher’s queries.

In 2018, Google came out with Question Hub for the companies that do not have enough content to address searcher’s questions. Initially, it was launched in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria. After several trials and error, it is now available for publishers across the US, as first spotted by SERT. Last year, it was only available for searchers specifically for COVID-19 questions.

Through Question Hub Google will be informed by the searchers about the questions for which search results are not providing appropriate answers. Google will note down those questions and forward them to publishers. Content creators will then prepare content that highlights the answers to the questions.

After spending years on testing Question Hub, Google now makes it accessible for the publishers in the US. It is available in different languages for different regions like in India people can also Google queries in the Hindi language.

Question Hub seems to be beneficial for the publishers as they already have an idea about what people most likely to search for but not have found good answers. Their content can become valuable after covering the possible answers to questions. By Googling search-related topics, a list of questions will open that content creators can use to create better content that is answerable to the questions.

Screenshot: Barry Schwartz / Seroundtable.

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