Google is introducing Tab Groups feature and a new grid layout in the latest Chrome version for Android users

Google Chrome is one of the fastest web browsers out there which is developed by Google. It is no doubt that Google is always coming up with new updates to make it more compatible for its users. Google earlier this year released the new version of Chrome that is Chrome 88.

On 28th January, the good pals at 9to5Google noticed that Google along with better security has planned on to introduce the much awaited Tab groups feature and a new grid layout for Android on Chrome 88. This means that instead of opened tabs which were presented on a vertical scrollable list that almost covered the whole screen; the new version of Chrome will now present them as small boxes on a grid. For some users this feature will be more convenient for their work but some prefer the old vertical view as they have gotten used to it. Google is also allowing these users to switch off this layout if they can’t get a hang of it.

There is also a ‘New Tab’ option available on the top left corner. This new version will allow users to form tab groups on their Android phones, where the user can drag one tab and drop it on the other stacking multiple tabs into one to form groups, another way to form group tabs is to click on the menu and select the option that says ‘Group tabs’. If the user will press and hold onto a link an option of ‘open in new tab in group’ will also appear. When on a tab group, a bottom bar will appear showcasing short cut keys for each of the opened tabs of that tab group.

All of these new updates will help the users with working and managing their work efficiently along with saving them time as well.

Most phones can view six tabs at once; this layout has a switch option at the top to enable grid view which means that this view will not let Incognito tabs appear next to the regular tabs.

The grid view feature has been available for iOS users for some time now. This new update for Android users on Chrome 88 has already been available to users who got their recent Chrome 88 update while some are also using it through a side-server. It will soon become available for every Google Chrome user around.

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