Google Chrome Now Hides Pop Up Notification Content During Screen Sharing

Google has decided to visually mute pop ups while screen sharing. Online virtual meetings are the new norm since the pandemic hit a few months back and we all went into lockdown. Since close proximities are restricted, meetings are being held online through video chats and all, but one of the most important factors of a meeting is sharing your screen in order to show the presentation of a certain topic that is being talked about, whether it is from a teacher during class or during a formal company meeting.

When you are sharing your screen everything that comes onto that screen is visible to the viewers that means during the live stream whatever notification will pop up on your computer will be seen by the users. Sometimes it may be a random news notification from Google but other times it can be something personal that you do not want anybody to see.

Though people can disable notifications before starting a meeting, it is a hassle itself. Since we are practically living on virtual video calls it will be very hard to turn off the notifications every day before the meeting starts and enable them back on after the meeting ends that to on a daily basis and sometimes under the anxiety to share your screen people forget to do it too. That is why after months of embarrassing pop ups and pre call anxieties, Google finally decided to introduce the feature where Google automatically switches off notification pop ups when it detects screen sharing and as soon as you are done with the meeting the notifications are enables back on. Google had already muted the notifications for Google Meet a few months ago and now it enabled mute notifications regardless of how and from where you are sharing your screen.

Muting notification works not only for Google's own apps like Google Meet, Chat or Gmail, but for third party websites as well. The feature has started rolling out and will be available for G- suit users in the next three days and will also be available for every user in the near future and will work on both whether you have a Google Workspace subscription or just a personal Google account.

Interested users can enable the notification mute feature by enabling this experimental flag in Chrome web address bar: chrome://flags/#mute-notifications-during-screen-share

So let out a sigh of relief as you can share your screen without any worries of notification popping up or random chats opening. It is great that Tech Giants like Google take matters under consideration and work towards making their applications a safe space for the users.

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