The share of Windows 10 version 20H2 has increased to a great extent, but still, it could not beat the top choices Windows 10 May 2020 update, or version 2004

In 2015, Microsoft released Windows 10, which launched with Cortana, which is a digital assistant just like Apple has Siri. Internet explorer was replaced with web browser Microsoft Edge. This was the latest version of windows at that time, users received the updates to the OS. Windows 10 is a service that means that it will provide you better performance with time through its periodic updates. You can enable your updates and just relax, the updates will automatically be downloaded and installed as soon as they come.

Windows 10 has released its latest version Windows 10 20H2 which has become much popular for many Windows users. Many people are using this update and the share of this update has increased to a great extent. But the question is, is this update is the number one update Microsoft has released yet? This answer to this question is probably not worth celebrating, which is no. It is still not big enough to beat the update Microsoft released on May 10, 2020. That was the number one choice of many users, as per data shared by AdDuplex.

The updated version of Windows 10 20H2 is also growing very fast and has contained all the features and fixes which were included in previous updates to windows 10, version 2004. Windows 10, 20H2 version has performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancement. If you have not tried this update, you can go to (Setting>update & security>windows update). This release has the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser and this update has removed the legacy edge version. This release also has improved support for non-ASCII file pat for Microsoft defender Advance threat protection, which will be helpful for security for the endpoint.

The Top choices of the Windows 10 version released on May 10, 2020, and version 2004 had the shares percent of around 40%, which was the highest share percentage. Windows 10 November update had a share percentage of 31%. Whereas, this update has a share percentage of around 17%.

According to Ad Duplex, the growth of version 20H2 of windows 10 is quite slow due to the holiday season, therefore, the just increased by 3 percent.

Microsoft is finalizing the new features of the update which will be launched in the spring of this year. Many devices of Microsoft are running on older version of windows 10 which needs to be updated. Microsoft is making small improvements in its new updates in the spring, however, if it makes the big changes it will release it in the fall of the year.

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