Google Is All Set To Launch Its ‘Shop Through Video Link ‘On YouTube

Google is working on their new project with YouTube that is ’shop through the link on the video streaming on YouTube’. According to the announcement on Test Features and Experiments, YouTube is trying to add a General Shopping Functionality in the streaming platform for the convenience of sellers, viewers, and of course YouTube.

The people can easily discover and purchase products that are featured in the YouTube videos. There will be a list of products when you click on the shopping bag icon on the bottom left of the video and more information about the product will come right there on YouTube, the users won’t have to go all the way to Google, and can shop directly from there, promoting broader e-commerce scope...

As reported by the Android Police YouTube has now launched live testing along with selected creators. This new feature is currently in pilot testing mode and is only visible to the users in the United States on android, IOS Smartphones and desktops too.

As reported by Bloomberg earlier in October 2020, that YouTube has asked creators to tag and track the products featured in the videos which will be linked to the shopping analytics and tools from Google. YouTube has already been looked out for its advertising and marketing skills. And Google has been a display window for nearly thousands of retail products, including Best Buy, Costco, Target, etc.

This new feature, based on Google shopping is a good step for the growth of e-commerce that is immensely affected by the COVID19 pandemic. As claimed by some analysts on Facebook, the growth of e-commerce has risen by five years, and that it will continue to grow, following the people’s positive reaction to online shopping. But there will be some users who are continuously bothered and annoyed by the never-ending advertisements while streaming on YouTube.

Google's developing technologies will probably put YouTube at the cutting edge of this next move accompanied by their performance and billions of videos uploaded every year with millions of viewers. This could be a huge success.

With Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram already in the online-shopping and e-commerce product listings, and Pinterest also developing a feature to display product tags and working along brands to showcase their items through the app. This YouTube shopping feature alongside Google looks promising.

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