YouTube Web Introduces a Microphone Option Making Your Search Faster

While other applications bring out changes in their applications very quickly the last updated feature YouTube introduced was moving the auto player option in the video player some while ago, but it recently has been discovered that YouTube has brought about another feature after some time.

YouTube introduced a feature that allows the user to search instantly by the power of a microphone. You heard us right! On the top right hand side of the search bar you will discover a microphone handle in either white or grey color depending on your theme. The feature allows you to search song or video by speaking to it instead of the usual typing which will save you time incase it’s something urgent.

You will have to grant YouTube the permission to access your microphone on the first use but after that YouTube is pretty capable of taking care of things itself. When you enable the microphone option, a box will appear that will grant you the access to speak with the note “Listening” and you can just tell it what you want it to load and if a video was already playing before this action, it will be immediately stopped.

The microphone present on the lower side of the screen will help you to disable or simply convert back to the text option from the speaking mode.

Though this feature looks a lot like the speaking option found on the most Android and iOS phones this is not the only task this new feature will perform. The new feature is capable of listening to all your other voice commands apart from just loading the videos and songs you ask it to. If you ask it to search for the latest videos on a certain channel it will load the newest videos by that channel for you. Apart from this will help you in navigating parts of the UI as well. Order it to search your subscriptions and show you your watch history or take you to your library and it will gladly obey to the orders.

YouTube is also capable of understanding natural language commands so if you ask it to search “Show me a nursery rhymes for kids” it will just search “Nursery rhymes for kids” because that is the correct form of language used.

It is great that YouTube is taking steps towards working on its features to make improvements and provide its users a more fun and easy experience on the app.

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