Google Chrome’s Kaleidoscope Declared Dead After Being In Trial Phase For A Long Time

Google Chrome was all set to launch ‘Kaleidoscope’, a unified one-stop hub, with options like Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video, etc. all in one dashboard. But if it develops further, we can see HBO Max, Hulu, and even YouTube can be seen on it. According to reports Chrome’s ‘kaleidoscope’ feature has been actually in the works since 2019. Not much can be said but it seems to be a video streaming service. A few days ago the AndroidPolice reported that Google has killed the project quietly following the resemblance with Google TV.

Kaleidoscope could offer recommendations like Google Discover does upon opening the new Chrome tab page. But kaleidoscope is heavy for the system. It was said to be taking a lot of Random Access Memory (RAM) that’s what the Chrome Browser also does. For now, it’s just going through the trial period. But perhaps the Kaleidoscope was killed a few days ago when its code was removed and withdrawn from NTP Modules says a lot of things.

This new feature was only available for the Canary users; the experimental version of Google’s web browser, Recently Google Chrome’s Canary Chanel of ChromeOS presented the landing page for the Kaleidoscope, which will allow the users to link permitted services for that Google is offering personalized recommendations for streaming content. But as Chrome reports, the Kaleidoscope version is “not yet available” for non-Googler accounts. This feature could start turning a profit, which could start integration with either Google Play Movies or YouTube, following the views, likes, and dislikes.

According to the rumors, in order to play Netflix on Kaleidoscope, the users will have to install the Netflix app from the Google Play store, instead of using it directly from the web. This can be the wrong move for the Google Chrome OS. Google surely needs to work on their memory and battery issues more seriously.

This Google integration looks promising for the users fond of browsing and streaming videos and likers of searching for new content to watch.

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