CES 2021 Online Innovation Awards Disclose Their Top Mobile App Honorees

CES 2021 awards will get the ball rolling from January 11th till January 14th, produced and acknowledged by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) and known for being the world’s most influential technology event that brings out the most sophisticated and innovative products and upcoming technology and trends to change lives for better. Where the world’s biggest brands meet and do business for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. But this year it will be an all-digital experience for the audiences from around the world can attend and experience.

On this global stage, you can see live demonstrations; spectators from around the world will be participating, many for the first time even. CES will allow participants to meet and hear from the technology innovators, new product launches; cutting edge technologies also the attendees and exhibitors can connect with global brands and start-ups and whatnot.

This year more than 1,200 submissions were received by the CES innovation awards, which were analyzed based on innovation, functionality and engineering, design and aesthetic by an A-list panel of industry expert judges which included members of media, designers and engineers, etc. The honorees represent 28 product categories including software and hardware. While in Software and Mobile apps app category, there are several notable entries. Let’s take a look at the most innovative Android and iOS apps of CES 2021:

The first one that we find interesting is ‘Typewise Keyboard’ with its distinctive honeycomb layout for the reduction of typing errors up to 80%. In this keyboard the keys are designed 70% larger than the regular keyboard and comes with features like inbuilt gestures, smart autocorrect, etc. which makes it easier to type with its comb pattern, the app also supports up to 40 languages and allows the user to type in multiple languages all at once. Also, it doesn’t transmit your data over the cloud.

The second best is an audio application, called ‘SoundID’ it comes with tune adjustments, sound personalization with which the user can make their own fine-tune based on their personal audio preferences and hearing capabilities. The best thing about this app is that once your profile is created it lets you connect to other apps like Apple Music, Spotify, Play Music and YouTube Music depending on the sound profile.

On number three we have EPSY, made especially for people suffering from epilepsy, this app helps track down seizures and conditions which can trigger them, also allowing users to set up medication plans and reminders for medics. With this data, EPSY creates personalized data reports and smart charts and how your surroundings affect your epilepsy.

This one is a little different from regular Play Store apps, Satisfyer here is an adult wellness app that offers simulation programs, haptic control and it can connect with up to four devices. This wellness app supports more than 30 languages and can sync devices miles away.

There are bigger companies like Samsung and Sony etc. but despite the pandemic, there isn’t a stoppage in the tech industry and that is a good sign. The full list of best innovation will be revealed during the CES on 11th January 2021.

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