Alexa Updated with A “Tell Me When” Feature Which People Find Really Cool

Alexa may just be a device introduced by Amazon, however sometimes it can be considered as a friend or your mom because of the feature it includes and all the work it does for you, like setting reminders and hitting you up with the best beats to dance around. While these features may be old now, Amazon keeps working on the software to make it more interesting for the users and now apart from just setting an alarm for you or playing music or letting you know the weather, Alexa is pretty capable of being a speaking calendar for you so that you keep up with your schedule.

Amazon updated Alexa last month and the new update in Alexa allows you to set a reminder about an upcoming event and timings for it and Alexa will give you all the details you need about the event and make sure to remind you for that event. Although this two-part action requires additional context in demand, but apart from this some other really cool features have also been added. Like how sometimes in between work and a busy schedule you forget your favorite show would air that day or what movie will be on air on a certain channel at what time Alexa can give you details about all that and even hit you up with a reminder if you want. See it does all the mom work for you. We were not wrong.

Other than all this, you can connect Alexa to some of your other apps and devices now and ask Alexa to let you know if you receive an important message from work or a particular someone and just in case you cannot check your phone, Alexa will be your savior. Also, it notifies you when you are expecting an email and saves you from checking your inbox every now and then, but for that you will have to trust Alexa with your email account and some of us really not ready for that.

The tech world is evolving so fast and coming up with so much making our everyday life easier, and even though Alexa was considered cool for being a trusty friend with your alarms and playing music according to your mood and letting you know if the weather is bright or gloomy, it has promoted to higher role now and has become even cooler with all the new features.

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