Google Chrome is testing a new feature called ‘Kaleidoscope’ that will most likely aggregate all the streaming video services in one dashboard

If you are fond of browsing video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., and if you are keen on searching for new shows, this might be a piece of good news for you.

Google is adding a new feature to its Chrome browser, which has been given the name ‘Kaleidoscope.’ Not much is known about it as yet as it is in the Canary channel at the moment, but it is likely going to be a collection or a hub for all video streaming services.

It will eat a lot of your Random-Access Memory, but Google Chrome is already quite notoriously famous for being a ‘battery hog’ too. So, another addition in the already ‘colorful’ list is not going to cause any apparent harm to anyone!

This new feature can be found by going on chrome://kaleidoscope/ in the Google Chrome Canary. It means that it is going through various experimentation and testing at the moment. Also, this page now says that ‘Chrome Kaleidoscope is not currently available for your account’ as per Chrome Story’s report. But you may find other error messages as well. e.g ‘Kaleidoscope is not available for non-Googler accounts.’

Whatever the status of the feature is right now, the interesting thing is the promise it holds for avid viewers across the globe. It looks like it will provide all the information about different video streaming services and their content. Once they are all together side by side, it will be easy for users to make their choices as per the services available in their region, and according to their tastes and preferences.

Recently, there was news that Google is working on a meta tag that will let the users know about fast-loading and slow-loading websites. So, it seems that Google is taking the issue of battery and memory hogging by the Chrome browser quite seriously. Because this new feature ‘Kaleidoscope’ will also be heavy for the system. So, Google needs to come up with some solid measures to combat these issues that might have an adverse effect on the efficiency of the system.

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