Facebook Questions New Types Of “Why” When You Try to Hide Timeline Ads

Scrolling through socials and lazing around has been an active part in this quarantine. There is not much to do even if some people decided to bring out the inner Picasso majority has retorted towards social media as a means to pass their time considering there not much to do in this lockdown. Social Media is an interesting place with a lot of things to search and scroll through, but has it ever happened that you are watching a really interesting video and suddenly an ad pops up right at the climax or if your timeline starts showing some explicit ads that can be really annoying.

Well, even though Facebook does have any built-in "say no to advertisement" feature in its app, it still gave the authority to the user to hide that ad whenever they wanted to. All was good until this news broke out.

Matt Navarra, who is a social media consultant retweeted a tweet from David Teicher, which showed us that now Facebook offers/asks some additional choices/answers when users hide ads on its platform. The options are: Too personal, repetitive, Sensitive Topic and lastly, Knows too much. This was the one that people found the most interesting. We are not really sure what context does exactly the option “knows too much” gives but it can definitely be related to how your information is shared across applications. Ever noticed how sometimes you search for a specific query on Google or you are interested in a particular product and suddenly all the ads and pop ups you get is related to that particular product even though companies can vary. For example; if you search for shoes, after that you will notice all the ads, whether in forms of video or image are directed to your timeline. This may be why there is an option for choosing knows too much when you hide an ad, but we are not entirely sure as no official statement has been given by Facebook and there could be a different story for this option. It is just our school of thought.

However, this feature has been around for some time now, but a lot of people did not notice this, as majority sometimes do not hide ads and let it be the way things are going because sometimes ad can be useful though because it does link you up with epic sales.

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