Facebook Tests A More Prominent Short Videos Button To Its App Interface, Going All In On Competing With TikTok

Facebook's recently added a "Short Videos" button to its app interface, allowing users to make and upload short videos that go up to 26 seconds, as spotted by Roneet Michael. This seems to be in conjunction with the Short Videos feed that was introduced back in 2020.

The new feature, located alongside the Live and Photo buttons under the post text bar, seems to be heavily inspired by a certain app that, while we'll mention later, most people have already guessed correctly. At any rate, it seems to be focused on giving content creators a space to create quick, snappy videos that connect with audiences over a shorter period of time. Which, considering how fast-paced modern day entertainment is, makes perfect sense. The social media platform also seems to be fully concerned with really making the idea stick in its user base.

An entire Facebook feed labelled Short Videos was spotted by social media guru Matt Navarra in 2020, with the create videos button attached to it instead. Clicking on create videos would lead users to an interface where people could film the videos, and add nifty tweaks to them such as effects or audio cues. The feed's appearance, combined with the now-prominent position of the Short Videos button, simply goes on to infer that the social media app is yet again indulging in a part-time that's frankly getting slightly tiresome.

It really seems like Facebook either cannot or will not keep its hands out of the cookie jar. This recent addition to the social network's formula is a rather obvious ploy to compete with the gen Z darling, TikTok. This is hardly the conglomerate's first attempt at such an endeavor, or even their first shot at gearing up against another app. The company's tried to break into streaming with Facebook Gaming, and struggled with Cameo over the niche celebrity market with their Super app. It's even butted heads with TikTok via Instagram's Reels feature, an attempt that Insta's head Adam Mosseri admitted fell short of expectations. And yet, the parent company's relentless pursuit of cornering the online tech market continues.

The new button is not currently available for all devices, as it seems that Facebook wants to slowly roll the feature out and feel for bugs and the like. Until then, or perhaps even then onwards, users may be better off sticking to TikTok.

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