Instagram Bring About Changes in the “Collab” Sticker which it Tested Last Year

Instagram recently introduced new updates in the "collab" sticker which it developed last year.

Instagram brings about changes and updates in its features frequently making sure the app is a fun and safe space for the users. Recently we heard the news about an update in the newly introduced sticker on the story section of the application.

As per news by Alessandro Paluzzi, who is a researcher behind unveiling information of the new features hidden in various apps, said that Instagram is bringing new updates to the sticker called "collab" which is an abbreviated form for collaboration and was spotted at end of last year.

Instagram has a variety of stickers to offer to its users and when you are uploading a story or video you can insert a sticker to that which expresses that particular media well. For example, if you are uploading a picture with your friends you can put a sticker indicating best friends or sisters or bros etc. or if you are trying to collect funds for a charity you can put up information about that particular charity and stick the donate sticker which will indicate that you are collecting funds. All this makes your story look more interesting and attracts the users.

The new "collab" stickers helps you mention people collaborating in a particular work with you or any organization that you are working with. But what changes have been brought in the feature?

The first new updates we see on that sticker is that the sticker icon has updated that means that now it looks different than it used to. Secondly you can create an event and also mention the date of the event all while adding 20 people on the collaboration post. The limit of people added is 20 and no one outside your followers list can be added as collaborators. One thing that you must know is that if somebody adds you as a collaborator for a particular event and you leave or unfollow it, you cannot be added back as a collaborator.

The tech giant surely brings about some great updates and introduces some really cool features for its users and we cannot wait to see how well the public utilizes this feature and also what other features Instagram has in store for its users.

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