Facebook Provides More Transparency to its Users After Updating the Feature “Access Your Information”

Facebook previously had rolled out a feature in 2018 that is called “Access Your Information” which allows the users a central space where they can check which of their data is being collected by Facebook.

However, now Facebook has decided to pump up its gear on a higher pedestal and brought about some handy changes in the feature and updated the “Access Your Information” providing the users more transparency to see which of their data is collected by Facebook and how that information is used to provide you the targeted ads of your preference.

According to Facebook itself the new updated version is a lot better than the original one launched in 2018. This new version is like a new coat of paint on the already existing former version. This is expected to provide more transparency to the users and it will be easy to understand as well as provide the necessary means for people to search which of their information is being collected by the application.

The previous version of this feature had only two options “Your information” and “Information about you” but in this newer version the personal shared data are broken down into several categories. Namely the new categories are: Security and Login Information, Ads Information, Personal Information, Friends and Followers, Your Activity Across Facebook, Preferences. Logged Information Apps and Websites Off of Facebook.

This will make it easier for the users to see what information Facebook has about them while the newly introduced search bar will help the users search for any kind of information they want about them. Apart from this, users will be able to download any information they want from the new feature as well as delete any collected information which they do not want Facebook to track. This is exactly what Facebook means when they say that they are providing full transparency to their users.

While some people think this new Facebook update is launched in order to get ahead of the new update Apple will soon launch which will provide all iOS users a pop up notification about which app is using which of their information. However, Facebook has not commented anything on this matter.

While it is least likely for people to open this feature and manage their tracking, but if Facebook manages to convince its users to check up on the tool rather than turning it off completely it will be beneficial for them in tracking the user preference and providing you with the searches of your choice.

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