YouTube's Introducing Entire Webpages Dedicated To Hashtags

Hashtags on YouTube are getting dedicated landing pages showcasing exclusive content curated for the viewing pleasure of users across the platform.

Hashtags have come far from denoting numbers on an old dial up phone or keyboard. They have, through a lot of prompting from sites such as Twitter, become part of the generational language as they highlight current trends across the world. The amount of online discourse these tags have conveyed over the years has no equal. Platforms, recognizing this, are quickly doubling down on them by revamping their interfaces to better display hashtags. Twitter has gone from deriding them in the early days to dedicating a sidebar displaying trending topics in both the general populace as well as local areas. And now, YouTube has joined the fray in full swing.

YouTube's addition of webpages to hashtags, as opposed to just displaying them as normal search results means that users get to select from more videos and thumbnails specifically curated to match their selective tastes. Displaying both currently trending videos along with the most recognized ones in the category, webpages for hashtags not only gives the casual user more to delve into, but also helps those of them researching into particular trends a focused ground to work with.

Accessing a hashtag webpage of one's choice is rather easy work. Other than simply clicking on a hashtag which will lead you to its gallery of clips and channels, all a user has to do is enter the URL and voila! There in a manner of minutes. Here's one for technology.

Currently, the availability of hashtag webpages is limited to YouTube's desktop version of their website. However, considering this development is very recent, that is soon expected to change. As it is, the video streaming giant has promised more features to roll out for these webpages, allowing users to further categorize and select results, making for a truly accessible interface. There's a lot that can be further achieved, in lieu of this statement. Allowing users to further sort of videos by view count, location, date and time and so on will do wonders and really elevate what at first glance is just a nifty way of featuring tagged content.

So while this handy new URL may still be in its infancy, there's a lot more that can be done with it, and we'll hopefully see that potential being realized down the road. A curated video library, while certainly not the most novel idea, is another solid step taken towards making YouTube and its content more and more accessible.

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