Snapchat is testing a new option, where the events of Snapchat will be activated through a sticker, which will include events related info

It is expected that there will be a huge meet up of many people in the year 2021 after the lockdown situation. People are bored with staying at home spending most of their time doing nothing. The social media platform has become a major connection for many people for most of the people like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. Keeping in view the return of meetup of people this year, Snapchat is testing an option in the form of a sticker, where you can get all the information of an event which is going to be happening around and who is in your friend and family is attending the event. This option can become a key addition for Snapchat because this could be an interesting feature or option for many people who are habitual in attending different events in their daily life.

Reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong spotted a feature in the year 2019 which could allow users to put details about an event in the form of a sticker which then they could add to their snap as well and they can also invite their loving friends and family members to attend such event to make it more interesting and exciting. This feature has taken many times to be launched still it is postponed due to a pandemic situation and later some restrictions were made on this feature. It is reported that Snapchat has filed a new patent for its new feature which can play a vital role in getting more users. This feature will show the avatar of the people attending the events and the details about the events will be shown in the form of a Snap Map.

In short, all the happening of the events will be updated on the group chat, and people who are attending the events and take some photos and made their videos during the events will automatically be uploaded on the group chat to make people excited even more.

The idea to make this feature is to promote meetups, and to build a strong connection among the people, and to centralize the discussion space. Therefore, this feature has included the images and notes of the events.

Local merchants can also make a partnership with Snapchat who wants to offer a deal for the groups who are attending the event at the location, so indirectly, it will promote some local businesses. For instance, a coffee shop, Starbucks, etc. This feature could be an exciting offer for many businessmen to promote their business and for the users to get the discount and make their connection stronger with their family and friends.

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