“Buy nothing”- A Facebook Community that is all about trustworthy and generous people

At a time when people barely know each other despite being living on the same street, Facebook “buy nothing” helps the community interact with their neighbors. A native of Canberra, Zoe Bowman thinks that people like her are blessed with unnecessary things in their lives. For her, melon ballers are something that she didn’t need much. One of her neighbors asked for a melon baller, she passed away the melon baller as at that time she had three of them. That person requested on one of the Facebook pages which is a part of a buy nothing group.

The “buy nothing” initiative starts in Australia’s luxurious city. The purpose of this movement was to recycle unnecessary items and prevent extra purchases. This system does not work like an online purchasing site. Any new member who wants to sell something does not wait for a bunch of people to comment and choose the one who needs the item the most. Instead, the new initiates handover the product to the one who comments firsts.

By nothing page’s main goal was to enable different groups to offer the products to the neediest ones. In order to get the item, the members of the community are required to justify why they need a particular product. When the buy nothing page initiated its first step, they had to go through difficult phases due to which many of their original and trustworthy fans leave the page.

There are some rules and regulations on the page/group that needs to be followed by everyone. If someone is interested in giving out some item, they need to post about it and leave that post for a few hours so that maximum people show their interest. Exchanging money in return for products is banned on the page/group. No one is allowed to post content like missing dogs and cats, and political discussion is prohibited. According to Bowman “it’s all about creating a society not discarding items to get rid of them.”

Bowman, who is a page admin does the policing of the page. Instead of imposing complicated rules, she works with the strategy of “benevolent neglect.” Usually, the group is divided into smaller divisions when the group members exceed 1000 or 1500 members. But one person can only be a part of one group. At the time when Bowman become part of the group in Canberra, that group was the sixth one in the town. The only target of the group is to remain as local as possible and give out their services.

So far Buy Nothing groups and page are reliable as all the members and the admins are trustworthy and generous.

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