Facebook is updating its pages with a more significant layout and removing the like button

Facebook wants to like its users a new experience in their pages by making a noteworthy transformation in their pages where people will see a new and different look, the navigation option will be updated. New looks of the News feed will be shown, and Question and Answers format will get more attention from its users. Facebook understands that innovation is a must and people will not get bored with an old layout and, surely, that this reshaping will be appreciated by its users.

One major change Facebook has made is removing the like button and emphasis on the follower option. Facebook’s new design will show a clear view of how many people the page is accessing and which page is getting more attention from the people and people reading the news posting their comments, etc.

Facebook has tested its redesigned page on some of the renowned actors and content creators and other big and highly reputed persons. According to a report, this renovation of the Facebook page has gone successful and soon this will be done to the overall page of every single user.

This new look of the page will begin to roll out most probably, next month. Previously, one major drawback of the like page as it was not showing the true reputation and goodwill of the page because many people may get fake likes through bots. Facebook further said that the Like button does not show a clear overview of the profile because many people like different pages and profiles unintentionally and on the request of their friends and family and later they unfollow the pages to eliminate their Newsfeed. Maybe later people do not find the same page according to their interests; therefore, they unfollow the pages. Due to this reason, the like button should be out of the game Facebook thinks.

Now on the updated page, only the real followers and fans will stay on the page and they will receive the updates of the page. One more change Facebook is making is creating its own News Feed. Through this, Page itself will be involved in the discussion as a public figure and can interact with their fans and followers. This is not it this Newsfeed will suggest other pages and groups as well so that people can interact more with their liked pages and people will see their followed pages’ comments on other posts as well. There will be an option to follow the page through comments too.

Q and A format will also be updated to engage in a good way with fans and followers just like Instagram does. Facebook pages admin can give permissions more specifically.

Facebook says that it has improved its filter to deal with the hated speech and comments in the newly updated page so that no one can violate the rules and regulations.

Facebook has received a good response from its users that they are liking this new interface.
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