TikTok starts 2021 by rolling out its first AR effect that uses iPhone 12 pro LiDAR scanner

After a challenging year, TikTok takes a good start by releasing its first update of 2021. In today’s update, TikTok announced via its official Twitter account that a new augmented reality effect has been released. This AR effect will be the first that is going to use iPhone 12 pro’s LiDAR scanner.

LiDAR scanner transmits infrared light that measures the distance between the objects. It helps create the 3D effect of the object. At first, the LiDAR scanner was launched with Apple 2020 iPad Pro. Then, it was featured in iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max. TikTok’s AR effect welcomed New Year with AR golden balloons and confetti giving a 3D effect.

APIs that make the LiDAR scanner compatible with third-party apps is now available to developers. To deliver enhanced AR effects TikTok is taking the help of the new sensor.

The first augmented reality effect TikTok made incorporating the LiDAR scanner was an AR ball. This AR effect is identical to that seen in Times Square on New Year's Eve. The 3D effect depicts the whole scenario as it is happening in real. This 3D effect loads the room with confetti and balloons highlighting 2021. The AR effect is so accurate that no one can tell the difference.

In a tweet, TikTok announced that the first AR effect is going to be released on iPhone 12 pro as it uses the LiDAR technology. The LiDAR scanner helps to produce effects that look real. It is a treat to visualize the physical and digital merging together.

TechCrunch informed that TikTok released the new AR effect feature worldwide but there are countries where this feature is not available yet. Since the AR effects use a LiDAR scanner that is only accessible for iPhone users, Android users cannot avail this feature for now. TikTok stated that in the future they are working to release some more effects that work through LiDAR scanner.

Overall, long before TikTok introduced the AR effect using a LiDAR scanner, Snapchat came up with special AR lenses to ensure the compatibility of the LiDAR scanner for iPhone 12 pro users. Hence, TikTok is not the first one for bringing AR effects live.

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