The New WhatsApp Policy Allows User Data to Be Shared with Facebook, Here's How Users Are Reacting On Social Media

WhatsApp Users’ as of January 6th 2021, started to receive an in-app notification. The notification is about WhatsApp letting it users know about the changes in the privacy policy of the app.

The latest privacy policy notice informed WhatsApp users about its new measure to share the WhatsApp user data with Facebook. The overview about the new changes in policy were given in three summarized points that covered how WhatsApp processes the users’ data, how businesses can manage and store their chat by using Facebook hosted services and how WhatsApp will now partner with Facebook to offer deeper integrations across the Facebook Company Products.

According to the news, the data will be shared among Facebook and its several subsidiaries which will include your account registration information, your phone number, transaction data, service related information and information on how you interact with other people, IP address and other information all which will be provided to Facebook, while this new policy is built around the announcement from July 2020 the previous policy however did not allow any such thing and maintained user privacy by not allowing any user data to be shared with Facebook.

Users were first informed about these changes on 6th January and are expected to conform to the new rules till February 8th 2021. Users who accept the new terms and conditions, there WhatsApp will work perfectly fine as it used to while those who do not accept the new policy will not be able to use WhatsApp until and unless the new terms and conditions are accepted.

The new policy will help both WhatsApp and Facebook. Wondering how?

Well, WhatsApp claims that this new terms and condition will help in dive deeper into Facebooks’ family of products and provide a consistent experience for its users while according to Facebook the shared data will help it achieve its larger goals. It will be easier for them to link you to your products and ads of preference and personalizing features and content. It will also be easier for them to link you with people and groups of your interest or you might know, however this still raises a lot of concerns among the public about their data being shared without them knowing.

This is a completely different approach taken by Facebook as from what it had promised its users back when it bought WhatsApp for 19 billion dollars. It had promised the public assuring its users that their data would not be shared with the larger company and privacy would be maintained, however it failed to do so.

Here's how social media users are reacting on the story:

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