Facebook to Change the Looks of Digital World After Announcing the New AR Glasses in Production

Facebook last September announced about their work being in progress for the smart glasses they will be launching soon. What Facebook calls their “Project Aria AR Glasses” are supposedly smart glasses which will be available with a lot of cool features as said by Facebook initially.

Facebook claimed that the smart glasses will have full digital overlays which will be visible through the device and features such as safety alerts to aware you if it detects something dangerous while you are walking down the street.

But right now it looks that even Facebook is backing down from its statement they made about these really cool glasses initially. In an interview with Bloomberg and on a post for Facebook Tech Blog the AR and VR Head at Facebook, Andrew Bosworth gave a detailed plan of the AR VR department for the year ahead and some information about the new AR glasses.

Firstly, it came to our knowledge that Facebook is making these AR Glasses in collaboration with the Ray-Ban maker, Luxottica and that the first glimpse of the fancy glasses will be available for the public eye sooner than later, but Bosworth did not fail to mention that they are still not sure that what features this device will be capable of delivering.

So does that mean that the hopes we had for a really cool AR tech device are shattered?

Bosworth said that they are still coy about the functionality of device in terms of it AR technology at least in its initial stages but what they are sure is that these new glasses will help you capture moments before they are lost forever.

Facebook said that this device will be extremely convenient for parents who want to capture and store moments of their children before they are lost forever. Considering the fact that sometimes in between taking out the phone and opening the camera we lose a moment, and also sometimes parents want to capture a moment but also want to experience it with their naked eyes. This device will solve both the problems, you will not have to take out your phone because you will be wearing the device that will capture it for you immediately and it will also let you experience the moment with your eyes which is really cool.

The only drawback that we are worried Facebook might face is the production challenges due to Covid 19 just like Microsoft and Sony struggled in meeting the demands for the production of its gaming consoles because of the delay in things due to the implementation of the lockdown.

All in all, we cannot wait for Facebook to launch this new device it plans on making and it surely is going to change the digital world by the looks of it.

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