2020 Saw A More Steady Growth in Gaming-Related Tweets with a 75 percent increase, According to the Data Shared by Twitter

Gaming is becoming the focus of youngsters especially in a situation of lockdown, where people are bound to stay at home. So, they are spending most of their time playing games, and doing gaming-related activities such as online streaming, tweets about gaming, and gaming-related topics.

According to a report, there is a great increase in starting a game channel and watching the stream of gaming on YouTube, and discussions on a social media platform about online gaming have become the focus of youngsters.

Recently, Twitter has issued a report that almost 75 percent increase in gaming-related tweets in the year of 2020. For people, gaming-related topics have become another form of entertainment, and especially in online games, people have made their connections with their friends.

Facebook has also issued a report that more than 50 percent increase in gaming on mobile phones in the UK. It is assumed that soon gaming industry will grow even further and will play a vital role in the economy of any country. The gaming industry will go up to 4 billion dollars in 2022.

First time in the history of Twitter, gaming-related tweets hold the major portion of tweets. According to a survey, about 2 billion tweets were about the gaming in the whole year, which is an almost 75 percent increase from the year 2019.

If we talk about the specific or general, gaming has become the main point of interest of youngsters, and it is an understandable point that lockdown situation has given a connection to the youngsters and gaming has therefore become a habitual activity for many people.

Gaming events and tournament about online gaming are frequently been organized and has become a major business for many companies and many youngsters spending their money on gaming subscriptions. These online gaming events have a million viewers around the world. Many companies are offering sponsorship to many professional players of gaming, so, in short, it is not only an entertainment activity but also becoming a career for many people, who are earning a handsome amount per month.

Esports has become a legitimate competitor of traditional sports in terms of engaging fans. Esports stars are now getting the same popularity that the famous celebrities are getting from their fans. YouTube’s top ten 10 channels of the year 2020 were associated with the stream of gaming.

If we talk about the increase in mobile gaming, this is simple to understand that many people around the world cannot afford expansive computers for gaming. Mobile phones are an affordable device which many people can afford, and people can play games anywhere they find the time. This online gaming is building the sharp mind of many kids and they learn different strategies, so, directly or indirectly, it is becoming the part of the mind growth of a child.

It is now the opportunity for many marketers and companies to pay their attention to the gaming industry, if they want to hold the major business soon, they will have to respect the gaming culture. Snapchat is introducing a Bitmoji character, which can be used in gaming.

Many youngsters have their favorite stars are gaming streamers.
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