Facebook shared new marketing strategies and gaming insights for 2021

2020 pandemic results in a tremendous rise in the gaming world. As people were bound to home, they were seeking sources to get entertainment and keep themselves busy. Gaming culture has significantly increased and continue to increase in the future as it supports growing trends across the internet.

Investing in gaming culture is a life-changing opportunity as the targeted audience are of young age that will help in running the business successfully. For 2021, Facebook has released new updates in Gaming Marketing niche that involve the implementation of rising trends.

Last year in July, Facebook analyzed over 13,246 people on the basis of which new updates were released. The analysis illustrates some key features for marketers, on top was Facebook’s statements that in particular, mobile gaming app has shown a significant rise among all. With that being said, marketing strategies should align with mobile usage trends as reportedly, in 2020 more than 70 percent of people were engaged on mobile phones to get entertained.

It is quite interesting to see young gamers rising in the gaming industry. According to Facebook, in the UK, US, and Germany, young individuals are surpassing the old players as a result of the pandemic.

As per Facebook, young and new mobile gamers are likely to invest more money than current gamers that will eventually help game developers. It is hard to estimate whether these trends will work out after the pandemic. People also prefer mobile gaming apps for the social meet-ups as most games like PUBG provide communication platforms.

It is an important thing to note that games have been used as a source of connection rather than entertainment. But after the pandemic is over, the rate of online gaming meet-ups will going to be decreased. Still, the opportunity of advertisements is there for monetization purposes.

Customizing characters in games according to the personal choice is another opportunity for fashion brands to invest money in, like Snapchat uses Jordan’s and Levi’s to personalize their Bitmoji characters. In this way, the brand collaborations will open huge opportunities for promotion. In short, the gaming industry is a good option for marketers to invest in as the targeted audience will make it easier for them to increase their brand performance.
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